Mystic Triangle


The Magic Triangle event is now live in Monster Legends! For 2 days you will be able to use special breeding combinations to get Noctum, Barbados, Oghma, and Uriel!

Magic Triangle Breeding Combinations


  • Goldcore + Esthirel = Arch Knight
  • Goldcore + Scorchpeg = Arch Knight
  • Darknubis + Fayemelina = Darkzgul
  • Darkzgul + Darkzgul = Noctum
  • Noctum + Noctum = Barbatos
  • Arch Knight + Arch Knight = Oghma
  • Oghma + Oghma = Uriel

Videos and Discounts


Magic Triangle event is also bringing more Monsterwood rewards and a lot of “bewitching non-stop” offers. These will be coming soon so check back for more details!

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