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Why Can’t I select Legendary Parents in the Calculator?

The Legendary element functions as a wildcard, meaning it is all the other elements rolled up into one. Because of this using a Legendary dragon as a parent for breeding is not a good idea. You will be adding a lot of extra elements to the combination, which means a lot of extra dragons will be possible from that combination too. Using 2 Legendary parents basically means all breedable dragons are possible, and low odds for all of them.

It’s generally better to identify a dragon you want to breed, and then try to breed it with as few “misses” included in the combination as possible. Eventually the calculator will be updated to have the rules for Legendary parents and they will be enabled.

How are the Odds calculated?

The odds are in an early stage of development and the method of calculation is being tweaked as more breeding data becomes available. The number of dragons possible from a combination and the rarity of those dragons are the two main factors. While likely not exact, the odds here are a useful tool for comparing the chances of getting a specific dragon from various combos.

What is “Expect”?

A dragons “Expect” is the amount of time you would expect to have to breed those parents together before getting that dragon. For example:

A + B = C, D, E, F
C’s expected time is 2 days

In this case you would expect to have to keep breeding A + B over and over again (getting D, E, and/or F) for 2 days before getting C.

This isn’t an exact calculation and of course luck plays it’s part. If you get unlucky, you will get more D, E, and F than expected. If you are lucky you will get C faster than expected. But on average you would expect to start breeding C in the “Expect” time.

This can be a valuable tool in determining which combos are going to give the desired dragon fastest. Sometimes combos with lower odds can return a desired dragon faster (on average) than those with higher odds, if the “misses” have shorter breeding times.

Errors and Omissions

If you should happen to notice an error in the breeding calculator or anywhere on the site please let us know in the comments notify me at [email protected] about it. Thanks!

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