Referral Codes


Dragon Mania Legends has a referral code system that lets you earn some cool prizes for referring your friends to the game. The system is a bit difficult to use though, so here is a guide to help you get 175 Gems and the Farmer and Pop Art dragons!

How to Get Your Referral Code


Things to Understand About Referrals

Dragon Mania Legends can be played on a wide variety of platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone/8.1+, xBox … and the referral codes for one won’t work for all the others. So make sure you tell people which platform you are on when referring.

Players can only enter 1 referral code per account each except under special circumstances. So try to get new players to join using your code. Players who have been playing for a while are likely to have already entered a code.

Other Ways to Get Referrals


Share your referral code in the comments below! Make sure to tell us which platform you are on. Then if you haven’t already entered someone else’s referral code, pick one from the same platform as you and enter it! Or better yet, join us at our Dragon Mania Legends Facebook group where you can find friends to help in all aspects of the game!

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