Breedable Light and Shadow Dragons


There are 25 new breedable dragons in the Light and Shadow update. Problem is there are also 10 that aren’t breedable, and Gameloft didn’t say which are which. Here we will list the confirmed breedable dragons and give links to how to breed each one of them.

3 Element Breedable

2 Element Breedable

1 Element Breedable

These basic elemental dragons are purchasable with Gold, but if somehow you do end up with Light and Shadow element dragons and want to breed them and save the Gold, they can also be bred.

Missing Breedable Dragons

If you count, that is 26 breedable dragons. That means Light and Shadow don’t count in the 25 breedable dragons that Gameloft claimed were added to the game, even though they are breedable.

The final breedable dragon is one of these:

Crystal is also in the shop, so is likely the breedable one. Still waiting on confirmation that it is indeed breedable.

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