Category: Packs

Dragons Lair Pack: Agnes

Agnes is available with a Bucket of Food and Wind Habitat for 300 Gems. The Habitat and Food are cheap, so the o nly reason to buy this is if you really have to...

Golden Pack: Golden Dragon, Food, and Habitat

Golden Dragon Pack Bundle

Golden dragon is now available in a pack for 500 Gems. Golden is still breedable, has been offered before, isn’t an especially interesting dragon … so it doesn’t seem like a very good deal...

Lunar Pack

The Lunar dragon is now available in a pack with a Food Chest and Wind Habitat.

Frosty Pack: Ice Cream Dragon

The Ice Cream dragon is available for purchase for $69.99, and comes with a Food Chest, Legendary Habitat, and some Scrolls. Ice Cream is still breedable, the Food is way too low to be...